Power Entry Modules


Power entry modules consist ot an appliance inlet along with additional functions.Find Out More
The modules come in versions for screw-in or snap-in assembly. For the internal wiring the system features quick connect or solder terminals.
Available current ratings range from 2.5amps to 20 amps


Functional elements;

  • IEC appliance inlet/outletpower_wntry_module.jpg
  • Switching including bowden cable actuation
  • Circuit breakers
  • Fuseholder
  • Voltage selector
  • EMC filter

The advantage of PEM over individual components include;

  • Compact design
  • Only one product with electrically linked individual components
  • efficient assembly
  • Alternative design options with similar dimensions
  • Protected, assembled and already tested/approved power supply components

V-Lock SystemVL_Lock_Module.jpg

With V-Lock, the power connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a special notch in the inlet on the power cord and thus reliably prevents the cord from being pulled out unintentionally. The advantage of this scheme is that no clamping system specific to a unit’s power inlet or retaining bracket must be adapted and attached. 


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