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Due to high processing speeds and increasing power losses in electronic devices thermal problems have a significant participation in the event of a system failure. Therefore heat dissipation in the environment of a thermal management is an important aspect. A heatsink is a mechanical part which is connected to an electronic device which produces heat thermally conductive. It is destined and designed for dissipating heat from a device. Heatsinks, also called cooling profiles or cooling plates are in its original, classic form so-called extruded profiles, which means that the profile is made of a special, good thermal conductive aluminum whose metal parts are made in the extrusion process. 


Different heatsinks for different applications 

Meanwhile there are plenty of different heatsinks such as comb-profile heatsinks, finger-shaped heatsinks, miniature heatsinks, etc. which are designed for special demands. Beside aluminium as a material heatsinks are also made of copper materials and exist in different forms and designs. Fischer Elektronik is a producer for cases, connectors and heatsinks for more than 40 years and offers a wide range of various kinds of heatsinks. Geared to the individual interest and most different application they contribute to safe heat dissipation. 
The product range comprises also fan-coolers and finger shaped heatsinks as well as heatsinks in round or flat. Moreover special LED heatsinks and special formats are available.

Available in this range;

  • Standard Extruded Heatsinks

  • Extruded Heatsinks for PCB Mounting

  • Extruded Heatsinks for lock-in retaining spring

  • Extruded Heatsinks fro DC/DC Converter

  • Retaining Springs for Transistors

  • Fischer logo.pngU-Extruded Heatsinks

  • Die-Cast Heatsinks

  • Fin Coolers

  • Fluid Coolers

  • Aluminium Flat-Quadrangular,Angled, U & T Shaped Profiles

For more information or for techincial support please contact amember of the sales team on +353 1 8020044 or email sales@futura.ie


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