Geyer Launch Y App to help with Quartz Crystal Selection

The Geyer app Y-Quartz has been developed to help Engineers to select the right quartz crystal for a circuit.Crystal.jpeg

It is simple to use and free of charge and can be downloaded for the Goolge play store.

It is simple to use and free of charge and can be downloaded for the Goolge play store.

The GEYER-App Y-QUARTZ with analyzing tool, developed for Android operating systems, helps  you to select the appropriate crystal
and optimize your oscillator circuit:

● Easy implementation of new designs

● Simple check of existing designs for correct functioning

● Optimization of existing designs where required

● Easy and efficient use of App to avoid complicated and time consuming measurements

● Free and easy download from Google Play Store

By graphical and interactive visualization of the impedance of a crystal with its load capacity or the visualization of the behavior of the feedback network of a crystal oscillator, even the less-experienced designer can better understand the effects of the crystal
parameters and optimize his design.

Frequent crystal oscillator issues like excessive crystal load or a long start-up time easily can be avoided. For example, after a simple measurement of the crystal?s signal amplitude, the load of the crystal can be viewed in a diagram.

In addition to the analyzing tool, the Y-Quartz App also provides comprehensive information on Geyer Electronics crystals and other timing products, as well as offering download links for data sheets of selected products.
Check out this video 

Version for PC

A version of the Y-Quartz app for working on PCs is available on request from the GEYER Design and Test Center

For more information on Crystals please click here;

 Geyer Crystals 


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