400Hz Ground Power Units from Powervamp


The latest generation aircraft such as the Boeing 787 with electric air-conditioning packs and electric start can demand 90 kW from a 90 kVA FEGP installation. The use of on-board air-con can require this for extended periods. As airports and operators seek to minimize costs and pollution, the demand for fixed electrical ground powering of aircraft systems can only increase. Powervamp’s latest PV90-3 Converter is designed to meet this demand by providing the ground power to run the electrical systems of the Boeing 787 and the next generation of aircraft. Continuously delivering a genuine 90 kW, (significantly more that the 90 kVA - 72 kW which is the generally quoted power), requires the generous sizing of electrical and electronic components and the ability to dissipate the heat generated at continuous full load. Many competitors’ products are sized for short duration high output only, with some concentrating on size reduction at the expense of full load performance. Powervamp, through practical tests and operating experience, has taken a different approach. As a manufacturer and exclusive provider of ground power at major air shows, Powervamp’s engineers have been uniquely placed to operate the company’s converters on all the world’s latest generation aircraft, gaining unrivaled data and experience while working alongside the air frame manufacturers’ test and field engineers. In this respect Powervamp is unique. The design of its latest 90 kW unit draws on the experience of its own ground handling team.

This unit was used to provide ground power at the Paris Airshow 2015. Find_out_more



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