Geyer Launch Y App to help with Quartz Crystal Selection

The Geyer app Y-Quartz has been developed to help Engineers to select the right quartz crystal for a circuit.

It is simple to use and free of charge and can be downloaded for the Goolge play store.

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Safety in medical electrical equipment

Electrical equipment used in medical technology must not place patients or medical staff in danger. This, in turn, requires that designing safe equipment starts at the point where the power is supplied. Power connectors and power entry modules with or without a power-line filter must fulfill the requirements of the base standard for medical electrical equipment, IEC/UL 60601-1.

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Low Noise Medical Power Supply


power supply

The CUS200M is suited to applications where audible noise cannot be tolerated, including hospital, dental, broadcast and professional audio equipment. The power supplies operate from an 85 to 265VAC input and are available with 12,18,24 or 48V nominal outputs. 

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How to assemble the HAN Food & Beverage Connector

This video shows how quickly you can assemble the Han food and beverage connector Insert in the Han food and beverage hood/housing. The Han® F+B Insert can be assembled in the Han® F+B without any tools.

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How to reduce downtime in the food and beverage industry

Optimal manufacturing requires maximum  usage of the available production time. This applies to the food industry with it origins in process/processing technology as well as in packaging areas. Industrial food processing can have significant downtime that exceeds 400 hours annually in some cases, which results in significant lost operating costs. These breakdowns can lead to delivery delays, and subsequent backlogs of orders. It often takes many interventions by management, re-planning processes or even changes in the distribution schedule to clean up the interruption's impact.

So minimal downtimes are a crucial factor for company profitability. The fundamental time eaters are unplanned breakdowns, but planned maintenance, set-up times and cleaning (Cleaning in Place – CIP – and Cleaning of Place – COP) also reduce system availability. The system shutdown associated with a maintenance hour can cost from 5,000 to 50,000 EUR, depending on the utilization.

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The HAN Food and Beverage Connector

The connector for the food and beverage industry.

Hartings's rugged new Han F+B connector series brings modular user-configurable connectivity with IP69K protection to the splash zone in food and beverage production.  They are the first connectors designed for the food industry.

These versatile FDA 21 approved circular connectors are made of non-toxin, high performance PP plastic and offer excellent chemical, heat ans cold resistance, and are resistant to Ecolab certified cleaning agents.

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Power Entry Modules

400Hz Ground Power Units from Powervamp

Looking at business events? See our top 3 this quarter

Our top 3 business events coming up this quarter, if you have an interest in events and conferences why not check these out? 


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The principles of selecting relays

In order to correctly select relays you must know the characteristics to ensure they meet with the practical requirements. The principles of selecting relays can be seen in the table below.

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